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NEJACL News: December 19 Newsletter

The NEJACL December Newsletter is now available on our website. http://www.nejacl.org/news/Dec19.pdf

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NEJACL News: October 19 Newsletter

Our October 19 Newsletter is now available online... http://www.nejacl.org/news/Oct19.pdf

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NEJACL News: June 19 Newsletter

Our NEJACL June 19 Newsletter is now available online... http://www.nejacl.org/news/June19.pdf

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NEJACL News: May 19 Newsletter

Our NEJACL May 19 Newsletter is now available online... http://www.nejacl.org/news/May19.pdf

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

NEJACL Event: Day of Remembrance 2019

This year's NEJACL Day of Remembrance program 
will explore how taiko drumming became a source 
of transformative change to redefine identity and 
recognize the power of rhythm and social patterns 
to produce a unified, collective force to enact social 
change. This event will feature 94-year old Dr. Yutaka 
Kobayashi's experience as an incarcerated Japanese 
American during WWII, Kanoko Kamata on social 
movements (Harvard Weatherhead Center), Karen 
Young of The Genki Spark, and performances by 
The Genki Spark and Odaiko New England. See
information on the right sidebar.

Day of Remembrance 2019
The Collective Power of Rhythm:
Rebuilding the Japanese 
American Identity
6:00 pm
Askwith Hall, Harvard University
13 Appian Way
Cambridge, MA