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NEJACL News: October 2014 Newsletter

Click here for the October 2014 Newsletter.

NEJACL Event: Fall Potluck: Hidden Treasures

NEJACL Fall Potluck: Hidden Treasures
Do you have a closet filled with items your 
family has saved over the years, whether 
it's from the WWII camps or from your Issei 
ancestors? You'll have an opportunity to find 
out more about them from experts at JACL's 
Fall Potluck on Sunday, October 26. 
Representatives from the Japanese American 
National Museum (JANM) in Los Angeles will 
be discussing their work to collect and catalog 
photos and memorabilia being donated by 
Susumu Ito, New England JACL member and 
442nd veteran, for a proposed JANM exhibit. 
You are invited to bring one or two items 
to show the JANM representatives and share 
the stories behind them with the group. 
Our speakers and guests from JANM will 
include Maggie Wetherbee, Collections 
Manager, and other members of the JANM 

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