Monday, April 13, 2009

JACL News: April 2009 Newsletter and Nisei Commemorative Stamp

April 2009 Newsletter
Click here for the April 2009 NEJACL
Newsletter click here: Newsletter.

Nisei Commemorative Stamp
The JACL is asking its members and
friends to write letters of support
for the Japanese American (Nisei)
WWII Veterans Commemorative Stamp
proposed to the United States Postal
Service.Personal letters are best,
and a past 2007 sample letter can
be found at the campaign's website:

Send letters to:
Chairperson Jean Picker Firstenberg
Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee
c/o Stamp Development
U.S. Postal Service
1735 North Lynn Street, Suite 5013
Arlington, VA 22209-6432